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Project: New Ethiopian Parliament Building Complex
 [House of Federation and House of Peoples’ Representatives Building] Client:-Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia House of Federations and House of 
             Peoples’ Representatives
Location:ADDIS ABABA, Firms:-S7 Architects, Consulting Architects & engineers ADDIS MEBRATU Consulting Architects & engineers Treurniet ARCHITECTUUR Michiel Clercx ARCHITECTUUR

Description of the Project:

THE SITE:  The site is situated next to the existing parliament area at the top of the hill of Ankobar.  The plot of 80.000 sqm is enclosed by a busy street (General Wingate Street) in the north, an important connecting road (Niger Street) in the west and a more calm street (Colson street) in the south. 

COMPOSITION: The composition for the New Ethiopian parliament consists out of three elements: the square in front, an ensemble of three shapes going up, and four rings going down climbing up the hill.  This tripartite composition is a clear response to the functional program and its main consumer’s behavior: visiting, debating and working. 

THE FORUM SQUARE: The square works like a forum where the public meets the politicians. 

THE ENSEMBLE OF THE THREE DRUMS:  Above the square rises three shapes resulting in the parliament building specific appearance used to be an icon for the city and for the country and of the people.      The first smallest shape is connected with the public square. It maintains the entrance of the Parliament building. The shape symbolized passion, the first thing that people will discover when thinking of or talking about Ethiopia. Besides the entrance at ground floor level there is an exhibition hall in the upper level and water like landscape at the roof.    The Second shape accommodates the House of Federation. It symbolized peace. On the lower level in the shape is the debating chamber for the house of federations, a place for communication and understanding the engine behind peace.  The third biggest shape maintains the common hall.The construction is build like a Tree it refers to the beautiful and vigorous landscape. Symbolizing the dynamic effects of Ethiopian membership, coupled with a vigorous and targeted regional policy, will bring results, will spread hope in the heart of the people.      

Plot area-80,000 square meters.
Project duration:April 2012-..........

Project Estimation:More than Birr 1.5 Billion.