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Project:REPI PARK Landscape & Architectural Design Competition

Client:The Addis Ababa City Administration (AACA, in cooperation with HoA-REC/N)  


Firm:S7 Architects  Consulting Architects & engineers  MTD Landschapsarchitecten BV- Landscape architects Treurniet ARCHITECTUUR 

Design Competition: 2nd Prize Winner
Description of the Project:

THE SITE: The Addis Ababa City Administration (AACA, in cooperation with HoA-REC/N) wants to transform the Repi Solid Waste Disposal site into a public city park. The size of the site is approximately 32 ha.(excl. a recycling plant of 4ha.)and is surrounded by urban neighborhoods, schools,the ‘Tinishu Akaki’

DESIGN CONCEPT: The conceptual thought for the park is strongly related to the context of the site. The south side of the park reacts on the Addis Ababa Ring Road and the connection with the sub-center of Kolfe-Keranyo sub city of Addis Ababa. This part of the park will have an urban typology and connects with the Ring Road and the neighborhoods on  the south side of the Ring Road. The north side of the park reacts to the ‘Tinishu Akaki’ River and neighborhoods on the north side of the area. Here the typology of the park is strongly related to aspects as water, nature and relief. A nature-track with bridges, rock walls and viewing points will offer a totally different atmosphere to the visitor of the park.  The bridge also connects the park with the neighborhoods to the north. Between the north and south part of the park a “green heart” of the park is situated:  the museum and recreation park. In this part of the park several buildings are situated such as the museum and he restaurant (Pavilion). This park area offers also opportunities for relaxing, enjoying and meeting (pick-nick, play-grounds, museum event field etc).  The main vegetation theme in this part of the park is “savanna”, with the typical African Acacia trees. 

MAJOR COMPONENTS OF THE SITE: The Park contains three major parts

1. The central museum and recreation area

2. The sports and entrance area

3. The water and eco-valley Plot area-32 Hectares
Project Duration:Dec.2014-
Project Estimation:Birr 180 million.