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Project: Design of Recreation and Retreat Center  In Bishoftu/DebreZeit,Ethiopia

Client: Yewubdar gebeyehu general contractor PLC 

Location: Bishoftu(Debre Zeit)
Firm:S7 Architects Consulting Architects & engineers           

Collaborating firm:  Michiel Clercx ARCHITECTUUR

Design Competition:1stPrize Winner

Description of the Project:

THE SITE:  Location-Bishoftu/Debrezeit:Bishoftu is a town of Ethiopia, lying south east of  Addis Ababa. It was formerly known as Debre Zeyit .The town is located in the eastern Shewa Zone of the Oromia Region, and has an elevation of 1,920 m(6,300 ft). Bishoftu is located 47.9 kilometres (29.8 mi) southeast of Addis Ababa. The location of the newly proposed Recreation & Retreat center is adjacent to Lake Hora.

DESIGN CONCEPT:  Concepts landscape design Different -studies on the site layout have been done to find a pleasant balance between built area and park. It led to the conclusion that the main building should contain most of the accommodation. This provides more Lake Hora view rooms and leaves more space for the leisure functions in the park. The View The main idea of the design is to maximize the site to its interesting view. We have tried to maximize the view towards Lake Hora for the main functions and hotel rooms. But also we believe view towards Lake Chelekeleka should also be appreciated and rooms were also arranged towards this lake.


The Visitors/Public Zone: While approaching the site from the main road common activities like zoo, chapel, public parks, sport fields..And other activities as a general public zone. The Guest Zone: The main hotel block and entertainment activities for guests are arranged to enjoy the ‘Hora’ lake view. Functions like cave restaurant, gymnasium, spa, bungalows and sun deck we made to exploit the Lake view. Meeting rooms are also designed to enjoy the lake view. Service building and sport facility blocks are also proposed to proper functioning of the hotel amenities. The Lake Zone: Access to the lake area is the main concern and we have provided an inclined lift access.

Project duration:April 2014
Project Estimation:More than Birr 500 million.